We are sheep, not horses…

I wonder how many people would describe themselves as "driven"? It’s kind of a popular trait to have. I know what it means to be driven. For 30 years I felt driven. By what I didn’t know, I just knew that I needed to get somewhere and I always felt that I should have been there already. A lot of it tied into my desire to have a career in music. I struggled with the feeling that I was wasting my potential, that I hadn’t accomplished enough. I remember telling my band one day "All I want is to hear God say that I’m not screwing this up."

That all started to change one day when my friend and mentor Rob described for me the difference between being led, and being driven. As a Christian, my life is to be one of following, not being pushed. Christ is described as a shepherd, not a jockey. The bible describes us as sheep following our shepherd. I have a feeling that many Christians feel more like a horse in a race with someone digging spurs into their sides to get them to run faster. The challenging thing we need to remember is that God does not lead us that way. When we are described as sheep, that’s exactly the way he leads us. We are to follow him. He doesn’t drive us, he doesn’t ride us, and he doesn’t cause us to go faster by digging sharp metal discs into our sides. The thing about sheep is that they’re not meant for riding. They really are only good for following. Is it any wonder that so many of us are tired out, feeling like we’re on the edge of a breakdown? We’re built like sheep, being treated like a race horse. I’ve stopped running because I’m driven. I go where I’m led now. If I have to run to keep up I do that, but I’ve found that it’s much easier to run when I’m following someone than when I’m being driven to get somewhere I don’t even know.


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