Jeremy Riddle – Full Attention – Buy This CD

This CD, Full Attention by Jeremy Riddle remains the top played album on my iPod. There’s an honesty in his music that draws me right into the presence of God like I’ve not experienced with any other music.

The music is rock, no two ways about it, but while many rock artists exchange melody for dissonance and abstract chords, the songs on Full Attention use some outstanding melodic hooks that reinforce the personal and often reverent lyrics.

Every once in a while, someone manages to produce something that gives me a small glimpse of “How Great Thou Art” and this CD is one of the best so far.


One thought on “Jeremy Riddle – Full Attention – Buy This CD

  1. Musicaljean says:

    Anthony, you inspire me, motivate me, and bless my heart all at the same time. I missed your writing and am glad you’re back at it again. I will mention your new site this weekend. A number of my readers enjoyed reading your thoughts. I saw your comment on mine this morning! Ha, ha! If only!

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