For years I was a driven person.  Driven to succeed.  Driven to accomplish the next big thing.  But I realized that it was never enough.  NoLongerDriven.com is the story of my journey as I’m led to find still waters.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Truman B says:

    Thank you! This is the most refreshing act of witnessing. Your honest approach to living the Christian life is uplifting. May the Lord alway smile in your favor.
    Your Christian brother.

  2. Peter says:

    Anthony, first I’ll say thank you… and second I’ll say sorry for the longish post. You must get this all the time from complete strangers like myself, but I’m compelled to let you know anyway….. I feel like I connect to you on so many levels (maybe connect is the wrong word…. relate – appreciate ?) and want to thank you for all that you share through the internet.

    About a year ago I started playing my guitar again after a very long hiatus. My son got me back into it (he is now 13 years old but was an infant and toddler in what feels like just yesterday) He started showing a real interest in guitar about a year ago and is playing every single day (At his theatre camp talent show he played Lenny by SRV almost note for note. I couldn’t have been more proud and I love that he loves that music while his friends all listen to top 40) He got me back into it and now that I’m playing again every day myself I can’t imagine not doing that. Music enriches your life in such a special way.

    In my quest for learning one of my all time favorite blues songs (Texas Flood) I stumbled upon one your videos on you tube. I took a chance and googled StevieSnacks and found your website. At the time I was also blowing the dust off of my amp (a 1996 Blues Junior) and low and behold you had all this great info on that same amp. I then sarted clicking around and found all this incredible content. So many videos on exactly the music that touches my soul, and information on tone, effects, some of my other favorite blues masters etc. I am defintely a fan and will be buying your premium lessons starting with Albert King. I can’t wait to get started.

    For the last 8 or 9 years I’ve gone for a weekend long college football weekend at State College. The place became very dear to me and low and behold I think i recall seeing somewhere on your site that you are based there. Go figure! I then stumbled upon your other sites and now finally “nolongerdriven” and felt complelled to reach out and say thanks. You’re obviously a very creative and talented guy. I’ll be a loyal visitor of your site, customer of your lessons and reader of your blog.

    Fatherhood is certainly a life changing change. The joy and “richness” I’ve expereinced from it is, for me, beyond words. I wish you the same. So, thanks again for all you do. I wish you much success. I hope I never “put down” the guitar again…


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