Some stuff only comes up whilst living.

It’s interesting how every circumstance throughout the day can be a learning experience when I open my ears to what God is asking me.  Times where I used to just get frustrated and forget about it now serve as another avenue into a part of me that he wants to heal.  People that I have to deal with that have always brought out the worst in me now become helpers to this wonderful journey of relearning what it means to walk with God. 

The crux of it  (and I’m probably using that word incorrectly) is that for me, most of my issues remain hidden when I’m doing all the standard Christian activities.  Reading the bible, praying, etc..  I’m on my best behavior.  I don’t have sudden urges to wring someone’s neck while doing those things.

But yet when I get cut off in traffic, when I see someone running a red light whilst talking on their cell phone, and when someone is on my last nerve, stuff starts to surface that I was sure wasn’t in me.  But those times serve only as a negative input to my walk with God if I have my ears closed to him.

If I dare listen, if I allow him to ask, and admit that I don’t always know the answer, but let him continue asking the questions, it’s so worth the discomfort.  Along with that is recognizing how he talks.  His voice is redemptive, not condemning.  His questions bring conviction, not guilt.  And so often something small will result in a large piece of revelation in the weirdest places.  Here’s to each day becoming an experiment in discovering where I’m still in need of work.


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