Peace over drama – my soul is at rest

For years I felt as if I was running. Like being stuck on permanent Fast-Forward. Driven to get to the next place, to do the next thing. Nothing was ever done, there was always more to do. And it had nothing to do with anything physical.

The relationships that I got into were short and dramatic. I had my heart broken in quick fashion. Twice I thought I had met the girl I was going to marry. Until it fell apart. The drama was like a drug, I didn’t know what life was like without it.

When I met Lori, I experienced a peaceful relationship with no drama. It seemed strange and wonderful, but my soul was still in motion, still running. So I worked. And worked. And worked. Kept busy chasing that thing that was always just around the corner. The record deal. Whatever. Missed many quiet evenings together. I was fast-forwarding through life.

But finally, I have come into a place of peace. I have found what I was looking for.  I have found my significance in the only thing that matters.  After 31 years of chasing what can’t be caught, my soul is at rest.


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