The quietness inside the storm

I’ve gotten awfully comfortable with God over the past year.  As I learned how integrated He is with everything I do,  I have experienced a great deal of peace as I stopped running, stopped pushing for more accomplishments. 

However I find myself now facing some new things in life that could mean some radical changes to the structure I’ve gotten used to.  It feels like the beginning of a new adventure.  And I find this new-found peace being shaken by an invitation to come along for a life-changing journey.  There was a time when I plunged head first into things like this because of the need to prove myself to everyone, to prove myself worthy of God’s love.  To earn the respect of others.

However, now that much of that has passed, I find myself here still afraid of change, worried that the blessings will run out.  So without the push of my ego and need for validation, I have to ask myself, why would I go?  Why would I dare mess with what’s working?  Why would I try something new?

I am compelled to accept the invitation because I believe that He has good things for me ahead.  He will not force me to go anywhere.  But if I accept the invitation to follow Him through this transition period, I know it will be a great adventure.

Have you ever faced a potential life-changing decision?  Do you just plunge in headfirst with no thought for why you do it?  Maybe you sit back and do nothing because you’re afraid….

Walking with God won’t always be the same picture.  It won’t always be still waters around us.  But He can create still waters inside us.


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