Ok Go – Because He said so

Waiting in line at Subway is not normally the place to have revelation, but I’ll take it wherever I can get it. I evaluated all the meat-containing subs, and was about to choose one of them, when I remembered what Lori had told me the week before. Processed, preserved meats have a connection with cancer. Without a second thought, I ordered a veggie sub.

Not because I was scared, not because I felt bad, but because I simply in that moment didn’t want to contribute to the possibility of getting cancer someday. As I left the store, I realized that this is the first time I’ve been leaning one way on a food issue, and upon a small nudge from the Holy Spirit, changed my mind simply because of what He told me.

What a strange feeling to be able to abandon something you want so quickly because He asks you to. In that moment, the will of Anthony Stauffer ceased to exist, and all I wanted was to do what He asked of me, regardless of how I felt about it. My desires would be to do what He required.

As soon as I reached the stairwell in my building, the spell was broken and I immediately went back to being impatient, and edgy as I followed someone up the stairs at a forth of my normal speed. But for a brief instant, I had a glimpse of how Jesus approached life. Simple obedience to the one He loved.


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